What is travel insurance?

Travel Insurance provides coverage for travellers while they are away from their province or country of residence in the event of an unforeseen medical emergency.

Why you need it

  • You’re going on a trip outside of your home province or country and want protection for you and your family in case of an unforeseen medical emergency.
  • Your travel plans are unavoidably cancelled or interrupted.
  • You want additional protection in case:
    • your luggage is lost or stolen,
    • you are in an accident with a rental car,
    • you die while away.

What you need to know

Coverage is available on an annual or single trip basis – Travel Insurance provides coverage for items including:

  • Emergency medical treatment including hospital and doctors’ fees
  • Prescription drugs
  • Ambulance services – air, land and seas, including emergency air transportation to Canada
  • Escort and return home of accompanying children
  • Return of vehicle
  • Emergency dental treatment
  • Direct payment to hospitals and coordination with government plans
  • Multilingual medical and travel assistance 24/7 anytime, anywhere

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