Term Life Insurance



Individual Term Life Insurance provides coverage at a fixed premium for a limited amount of time (term). After the term expires, you can forgo the coverage or renew it at higher guaranteed premium.

Upon death during the term of coverage, the benefit goes to designated beneficiaries. Using fixed term insurance policy, you can purchase large amounts of coverage for a low cost.

Due to its limited time nature, it is mostly used to insure short term large debt, like mortgage, business partnerships or financial needs of a young family.  Most popular variations of Personal Term Life Insurance are: 10 year term life insurance, 20 year term life insurance and 30 year term life insurance. 15 year terms used to be popular, they still exist but not many providers offer them. All options can be guaranteed renewable and convertible.

At Finkelstein Financial, we work with all types of Life Insurance products and have wealth of knowledge and experience to access your need for personal term life insurance and select product that will match it best. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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